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The 3 Holy Grail SKincare Ingredients You Can't Live Without!

As a skincare chemist I work with hundreds of amazing ingredients that I could (and do) talk about all day long. It can become overwhelming for someone who doesn't work, live, and breathe skincare so I've decided to narrow it down to the three most important ingredients that EVERYONE must use to have their best skin, regardless of age/skin type/concerns. These are the basics that you should start with before moving on to any specialized corrective protocols whether they be anti acne, anti-aging or anything else.   #1 Niacinamide (aka Vitamin B3) best at 5%, with a PH of around 5   WHAT IT DOES: Clarifies skin, minimizes pores, improves texture and tone, fights acne, brightens skin and lightens hyperpigmentation,...

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