Stephany The Skincare Chemist

"The base of Amazonia products are derived from nature, not petrochemicals. They're fortified with the strongest of clean clinical actives, not toxic fillers."

EFFECTIVE - Optimum concentrations of the top clinically-proven ingredients at their proper PH levels.

EFFICIENT - Multi-tasking products that fight all skin conditions at once in as few products as possible.

ETHICAL - Sourcing the purest, cleanest, most sustainable organic, EcoCert, wildcrafted, and certified non-timber forest ingredients available. 

CLEAN - Cleaner than clean, no controversial or potentially harmful ingredients.

LUXURIOUS - Silky, creamy, sumptuous... because self-care should feel glorious! 

BEST PRICED - Normally skincare companies spend 10% of the budget on actually making products and 90% on everything else, but we do the reverse. Our entire budget goes into the ingredients and creating the products. No money is wasted on PR, marketing, advertising, placement in stores, beauty bloggers etc. Plus, instead of making you buy many different $100 products with barely any actives, we turn that into just one super concentrated product filled with many actives to make a multi-targeted product that fights aging on all fronts.